JLPT N1 Study Methods (勉強方法) and Study Plan (勉強計画)

Below is my study plan and study method for the upcoming JLPT N1.

  • Study Method1: Read, Extract, Review – as I mentioned in my previous post, my approach for this upcoming exam (however remote my passing would be) is as follows:
  1. Read Japanese books (I bought three – Harry Potter, 1Q84, and “Now, Discover Your Strengths”; please read more below for the book selection’s reason)
  2. Extract items I don’t understand (categorize as kanji, vocabulary, or grammar pattern) and input to Anki
  3. Review list on a weekly basis (1-2 Hours on the weekend)
  • Study Method2: Old-School Repetition – just in case the above method fails, I plan to fall back to the old-school of studying for the JLPT – “divide and conquer” and Spaced Repetition System (SRS)
  1. Study Kanji (~1926)
  2. Study Vocab (~8009)
  3. Study Grammar (still have to know how many grammar patterns to study)
  4. Practice Listening (Previous JLPT L1 Listening exams)
  5. Practice Reading (Previous JLPT L1 Reading exams)

I am not yet sure which of the two methods will work for me, but I hope one of them does.

I’m giving myself two years to pass the exam. Hopefully, it won’t take that long.

If you haven’t noticed, I created an article on how to create a study plan, and called it the KECC method. It stands for Know, Estimate, Choose and Create. If you haven’t done so, please take the time to visit and rate (just noticed that there’s no way to rate.. silly me!) share the article. It’s my first “professional” article. 😀

If the article gets enough  page visits/views, I can eventually earn from it to support my Japanese studies which hopefully would lead to more JLPT study tips and hints.

Here are my reasons for the book selection above:

  1. Harry Potter – as per suggestion by Henrik Falck, I bought this book. Being a children’s book, I hope the sentence patterns will be easier to understand plus the “ruby” or hiragana readings for kanji.
  2. “Now, Discover Your Strengths” (Japanese version) – a book I was itching to buy; so to “motivate” me to read Japanese, I bought a Japanese version. 😆
  3. 1Q84 – Got a little over my head when I bought this one.. My thought when I bought this – when I want more “challenge” with Japanese reading. I chose this book mainly because it was a bestseller and it won’t “hold back” on the Japanese…

I know this post doesn’t do justice for the two weeks I didn’t post anything.


Harry Potter


4 thoughts on “JLPT N1 Study Methods (勉強方法) and Study Plan (勉強計画)”

  1. So, not to stomp on your thunder here or anything, but I would maybe like to suggest that you aim for N2, if what you are posting here is true and you have trouble reading full books in Japanese, I think N1 might be a bit over your head at this level. Murakami is rather easy stuff… well, if you exclude the knowledge of composers and various other references one is expected to know.

    However, if you want to set it as a goal and don’t care much about passing, then the more power to ya! Fight on!

    1. Hi, thanks for dropping by and thanks for your input regarding my aim for JLPT and Murakami’s book.
      For the target level, that may be a good idea, but I feel that it may be a step back for me.

      Actually, I’m not sure if it’s the Japanese, or just plain overwhelm and lack of dedication (study and reading time). It’s more of the latter.

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